A Game of Power - an "Energy Virus"!


We all have it in us... this virus ... This "energy virus", but we don't know about it, and we're so used to it that it's become part of our personality, our way of being, our way of living.

The way this "virus" operates is actually a common and almost accepted way of being in today's society, but the thing is that as long as this "virus" is allowed to operate in us, in each and every one of us, then there will forever be small and large conflicts in this world. Large conflicts that can lead to war, among other things ...!

This virus is about having power, it's about "feeding" on someone else's energy, and the way to do this is many. I can name as little and as innocuous as to always be right in a discussion. It can also act as an inner conflict with oneself. But in order to detect the virus at this level, at the inner level, one must be more aware of one's inner self.

The virus is Ego... ego is power... and it operates in the mind!

Several examples of how the virus operates are in politics, in all positions of power, such as the state, the church in particular in earlier times had a lot of power, and led to experiences that even today are stored deep inside each and every one of us as memories and wounds that we no longer remember with our mind, but that are nevertheless there and cause us to limit ourselves.

This virus is very addictive, is very seductive, and in a way I can say, almost invisible because it's so integrated in us.

This game of power, this virus began to evolve a very long time ago, from the time when our mind began to develop and that is, in the time of Atlantis with the "headbands".

This virus operates in the mind ... and it's an energy virus, and we all have it in us!

If you want to know more about this energy virus, I can recommend the "Return of JoanD'Ark" which you can find by visiting this link; https://merlinark.com/product/the-return-of-the-jeanne-darc/ . It also translated into Norwegian.

There is also a program in the Crimson Circle for those who want to go deeper into the matter on this. They have chosen to call it the "Sexual Energy Virus" because it is within sexuality that this virus is easiest to spread. Then especially in connection with sexual abuse, sexual imbalance and things like that.

You can find this program by accessing this link; https://store.crimsoncircle.com/sexual-energies-school-online-information-only.html

Here's what the Crimson Circle says about the Sexual Energy Virus (SEV) – an ancient imbalance of masculine and feminine energies that causes energy-nourishment between people, and even within themselves. Carried by all human beings until balance is restored through self-love and integration, this energy virus manifests itself in such things as drama, abuse, victimization, power games, and other imbalances https://www.crimsoncircle.com/More/Glossary

I myself took this program in Crimson Circle many years ago and I can say that this goes beyond what the mind can understand, so the first time (I've gone through the program three times) I went through the program, the mind didn't understand anything, but I felt like something was happening in my body.

Five years later, I got the feeling that I was going to take the program again, and then my reaction was completely different. It was as if something exploded in me and I saw what this virus was, and a lot of anger came up because I saw what this "virus" leads to in our world. But this anger was also part of the virus itself... the virus' way of acting. So you see, this is really a tricky one ...!

It is within each and every one of us that it begins, and this is also where we all have to start. There's no point in blaming anything/someone outside of ourselves, because it all starts with ourselves. Believe it or not, it just looks like everything is on the outside... It's an illusion ...!

A year or two later, I felt it was time for another round of this program at Crimson Circle, and this time there was a calmness present and I felt much more in balance. I also saw that I couldn't go out and explain to anyone or convince anyone. I saw that it's about each and every one of us having to go inward within ourselves to release this virus and that this can't be done until each one is ready to do it.

When the energy virus is released, one also comes into the acceptance that everything that happens is things that simply have to run their course, so that we all have the opportunity to have the experiences we choose to have, no matter what.

This is the way we develop ourselves in human form and, eventually, if we choose ... as divine human beings.

This is also our Soul's total acceptance of our free will here on this planet... here on Earth!

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