... and how can I claim that "I am God" ...!


As I do in the first blog post of the year, and maybe someone even think that; how can she be so rude to claim such a thing. It is outright blasphemy, some might also say. Because they may have learned that God is someone who sits up in heaven and judges everyone to either heaven or hell.

I myself have never had any relationship with God growing up. Yes, I am baptized, but only as a tradition, and have therefore been registered in the state church. But only as a formality. I personally have never been affiliated with any religion ...fortunately I would say... because thus I escaped, at least in this life, a lot of indoctrination. It was only from school, and it was like everything else from there, not much ... and luckily for that too.

So I am neither a Christian nor anything else, and yet I can make the claim that I am God...!

I cannot explain it, simply because it is not something that my mind understands. It's more like a feeling and understanding in the body... or more precisely in my cells. Because it is in the cells that we remember everything ... when we need to remember it.

But I know of someone who can explain how it is possible that I can now say that "I am God also", and it is God...!

So in the link below you will find a conversation that Suzanne Ward had with God.

Suzanne Ward's Conversation with God

And maybe you will understand that - You are God also...!

Here is also another conversation with God!
A Conversation with God