Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes ...!


Please note that I am writing Magdalenes and not Magdalena. Magdalenes was not a person, but an Order... So they were many and they were both men and women.

This is a book where the real story of the Magdalenes and Yeshua comes to light and is told by many, including Yeshua's grandmother, Anna...!

This book will probably elicit many reactions and a lot of feelings and emotions in many. Depending on whether they are still in the prison of their minds with their limitations and many rules, or if they have begun to set themselves free from this selfchocen prison that we have all been in for so long...!

I recommend not having any condemnation for your reactions, but letting them simply come...! Observe them and have total acceptance of what is to come, regardless of whether it feels good or bad...! Allow yourself to feel... Allow yourself to sense...! Just be in what is coming, be present in the flow of thoughts, feelings and emotions...!

Breathe with it...!

This is our free will... to choos what kind of perspective one chooses to see things from...!

For me, it was finally understanding all these different stories I had heard about Yeshua... this one that many call Jesus...!