Beyond Realization...!


I'm trying my hand at this title ... Beyond Realization... because I don't know what else to call what's happening now.

In any case, I am experiencing a change in me at a very fast pace. It's like I can feel changes happening every single day.

And now after the New Year... in this New Year, I feel that all fear is gone and what is left is like a faded memory and barely that. And I who in Christmas could still feel the shadows of the old fear.

And a couple of days ago I had an experience where I saw and felt "God" within me... and for the first time I understood that I am actually God... "I Am God" or "I Am the Source"!

I feel like God is such an abused word, so I prefer to use "The Source".

Tobias asked us to say this out loud in front of everyone at a gathering in Kristiansand in 2004. It was the first time Crimson Circle was in Norway, and I felt that I didn't want to do it because I didn't feel this for myself, but I did it nevertheless, and perhaps it was important.

But even after that it's been a theory...just words, but still I've felt deep down that it was really true, but I wasn't ready yet to really feel this. Because of course, all old baggage had to go first.

For many months now, I have felt an inner joy that has only grown and grown and become more and more dominant, and it seems at least that this joy has managed to push out everything that has been from fear, because I feel at least at the time of writing while on a deep inner calm and a total trust in what Is.

In the past this has been off and on, off and on. Yes, in fact for quite a long time it has been like this ... off and on ...!

I know that much... much is changing, but I have no fear anymore, no fear of what I cannot yet see. Because I feel so strongly that what I "Feel" is what is real and from that I Create. That this "Feeling" is my "Flow" ...!

The understanding in my head has been there for a long time... yes, a long time, but now I can kind of feel it in every cell of my body. It has really become a truth for me and then it becomes real.

Nothing else is possible.