not only about pets ...


... but also regarding the relationship with other people, becoming aware of how reducing the activity of the mind and thus stepping out of fear and finding peace within ourselves can make us gain a better understanding of how we can achieve a deeper mutual understanding.

I'll admit I haven't seen more than a little introduction, but I really saw the beauty of what James is talking about, and how easy it really is to achieve a peaceful connection if we become aware of what it's all about.

In Earth's early beginnings, there was no violence. No violence between humans and no violence between animals. But things happened that gradually started to cause violence between people, and this meant that eventually violence also started to occur between animals.

No guilt and no shame about it... everything has been an experience and a lesson no matter how it has looked, but we humans are the ones with Consciousness, and thus are the ones who create change. And the whole purpose of "project" Earth was precisely to find out the relationship between Consciousness and energy.

Beginning the journey within yourself towards self-healing together with your pet can truly be a beautiful journey...a truly beautiful experience.

In these videos of James, I feel that the beauty of understanding the relationship between Consciousness and energy really comes through, and in such a simple way. Or should I rather say Consciousness and communication, but communication is also energy.

So if you have a pet and also if you don't have a pet, here you can have the opportunity to really go into understanding, and really have the opportunity to have a completely new relationship with your pet, but also other people.

It's not about changing the pet or other people, it's about changing our own perception.

And really it's about getting out of all the thinking and analyzing and the noise in the mind and becoming quiet so that we can get in touch with our own Inner Wisdom.

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