Open Up!


What does it mean to be open...?

How do I open up...?

What do I open up...?

Suddenly i remembered something that came to me in 2008..., it just came out of my hand.

I sat down to write something, I don't remember what, and suddenly I just started writing without thinking. It was the first and also the only time I have experienced what is called "automatic writing".

That's when I wrote "To Live!"

And every time I've looked at this afterwards, I can feel how deep this goes. The words are so simple that the mind somehow does not really understand the message in this. It's kind of too simple for the mind.

The mind likes the complicated, it likes problems, it likes drama. The more the better. Then the mind feels useful.

But really, everything is very simple.

When I talk about the true feelings... it's about Opening Up to the true feelings.

And that is "To Live!"

Open Up is To Live!

Living is not necessarily to climb the highest mountain, or to travel to all the countries of the world... Living is to really dare to feel... to really... really feel.

And in order to really feel, we must first clear away what blocks for the true feelings. Because what people normaly are feeling, are emotions, and emotions come from the mind, and arise from external events.

True feelings come from within without anything having to happen on the outside. They arise as an inner joy, an inner peace, an inner security, and that completely independently of what happens in the outer world.

It can be stormy in the outer world, but still, inside you can feel a quiet peace, a quiet joy, safety... this is to open up... this is to Live!

The question is... do we dare to do it? Can we allow ourselves to live even if the world is upside down?

The biggest blockage is guilt and shame!

When we are ready to release guilt and shame, then we are ready to really Live!

To Live!

Life is to Live in every moment - That is to be present in every moment. That is not about being in the past. That is not to be in the future, but to be present here and now in this moment

Life is to Feel in every moment - To dare to feel the feelings that come, and not push them away. For when we dare to feel the feelings that come, we will find that they are not our enemies, but that they are a friend who is there to show us something in ourselves.

Life is to Be in every moment - That is to be present in each moment. For only when we are present in each moment, we can truly see and understand. When we are present in each moment, we can see what life really is.

Life Is in every moment - It means that everything is here and now. Life is not in the past. Life is not in the future. Life is here and now in this moment. For if we dwell in the past, or think about the future, we will never discover life.

Life is Freedom in every moment - It mean to be free to really be in every moment. To feel free to live in the moment. To feel free to choose in the moment. To feel free to really feel freedom.

Life Is Now!