The "Magical" Journey!


When I was about to start preparing for my trip to Romania this summer, I felt that this time I wasn't going to take a plane, I was going to take a train. And I felt like there was a very special reason for that.

Booking tickets went like a dream and there were many bookings even though the ticket itself was an Interrail ticket. And there would turn out to be even more trains eventually.

I observed that between each train I had anything between 12 min and up to 55 min. So in other words, not so much time, but I got a feeling that this was going to be okay and that I should go for it.

I felt really excited about this trip and I was really looking forward to it.

I won't go too deep into the story because then this is going to be a book, but the magic started already in the mountains north in Sweden. Here I had the night train to Stockholm, and I only had 50 - 55 min to the next train that would take me on to Copenhagen. But in the north in Sweden after barely two hours on board the train got a stop, and that for an hour and a half, so already there my entire itinerary broke.

In Stocholm I thought; Now I have to buy a new ticket, but everything was full for days and possibly weeks, so it didn't work out. So I wondered if I should simply go back home. But there was a clear message from within myself; No... you shall continue the journey...!

So there I stood... literally just peering into the air, because my head was empty. It wasn't a thought, there wasn't a single solution. I didn't know how to move forward.

I barely noticed the man from the Swedish railways standing next to me, whom I had made contact with. And suddenly he tells me that there is another solution, that I can take the train to Malmö and then on to Copenhagen ...! He called out to the train to ask if they had room, and they didn't, but I could join in if I could sit in the Bistro ...! And of course I could, and it turned out to be a good solution, because eventually for some reason it got very hot inside the carriages where people were sitting.

The journey via Malmö, which normally would not present any problem, turned out to be something completely different. Me and everyone else in the train had to change trains twice more before we arrived in Copenhagen, among other things because of a fire in one of the trains, but each time it was as if things worked out magically.

I eventually saw that I was not going to reach the train that would take me from Copenhagen to Berlin, but when I got to Copenhagen it turned out that my train was delayed so much that I managed it, and suddenly I was again on the "right" train.

Fortunately I can say, I had an overnight stay in Berlin, a kind of buffer zone I might say, so that I could kind of recover, because here too there were delays.

Now, I haven't included all the "small" things and small details that also felt almost magical, but I'm simply jumping forward to Budapest, which was the first station into Eastern Europe. And of course, the train to Budapest was also delayed so much that I figured I had lost the train that would take me further and into Romania.

But then it turned out that this train was also delayed, and it was going to be more and more delayed, so it wasn't until late into the night that we could finally board. And this particular train was going to be for me the most weird experience ... the most "magical" experience ...!

When I was about to board I got a very strange feeling and pictures came up in my head from the "Harry-Potter" movies and also from the movie "The Polar Express". I usually say that here I really got the "Harry-Potter feeling." It had also become night and it was dark, and at the station only we who were going on this train were left, otherwise the station was empty. The train was old and it seemed dark when we boarded.

I won't go into details, but it was quite strange everything that happened on this part of the trip. Unbelievable indeed... simply magical. And it was a long trip with many stops along the way... sudden stops ... very strange...!

To make a long story short, here I can say that I never got to where I was supposed to get off the train, because I ended up getting off the train earlier than I was supposed to get off, which was a perfect fit for me, and the appointment I had in Romania I reached by a wide margin.

Simply Magical...!

What I really want to tell with this story, and what I really experienced on this trip, was that every time something seemed to go really wrong, a solution always appeared, and not just that "problems" were solved, there were also other little things I noticed that almost felt like magic in a way. For example, there were people I met who just showed up and who eventually turned out to be important.

I don't think I've ever had so much fun on a journey before. For the most part, I was out of my mind. I was literally kicked out of my comfort zone...! The only thing I could do was to be present in what was happening at that moment, and it was magical how things just resolved themselves at just the right moment.

On my way home, as I neared the end of the train journey, I felt so much joy and how much fun it had been and I could feel that a part of me, that I hadn't felt before actually loved to travel, and I felt a sadness that it was soon over... that the journey was soon over...!

But then I got a feeling that... No, it doesn't have to be over, because I didn't have to be traveling to experience what I had experienced on this journey, to be able to experience the "magic" of life...! I felt that the "magic" I could also experience in my daily life ...!

But in order to do that, I had to choose to step out of the routines, let go of expectations about how things should be, let go of control, because all of this comes from the mind. It's the mind's way.

So in order to be free as I had felt on this journey, I had to free myself from all this, because only in this freedom can the real "Magic" arise...!

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