“the world is wobbeling”


In the last few days, these words have come to me several times and they have come in English each time, and each time I imagine that the ground under my feet starts to shake.

"The world is wobbling" - "verden vakler"

In the outside world, there is much that is now beginning to falter, and for many it can feel like chaos.

In my inner world, which actual is the real world, I se that I should be present in the movements I feel. Just let myself flow and let go of understanding with the mind, let go of trying to control the energy with the mind.

It is my feelings that are the real world, and these feelings are my true feelings. The real world is inside myself, not outside.

The mind creates emotions which are only an illusion. We have been trapped in the mind.

I see how limited the mind thinks. It can only think what has already been thought before, and is unable to imagine anything other than that.

So I let go and accept the limitations of the mind, but I can't stay there, I have to go beyond to set myself completely free.

And I'm happy about it, because I see that it's possible, I feel it's the real me, the free me, and I'm not losing anything. My mind is what it is, and in a way it is also set free.

So right now I feel a great peace ,and an immense joy within myself, and that without really knowing anything in my mind. It's not necessary, and it's wonderful... it's fantastic... it`s liberating...!