About Me

My name is Wenche-Mari Høgstad and I was born and raised in Tromsø and now live on Kvaløya approximately three miles outside Tromsø.

My "awakening" process began in the early nineties as an unconscious process where my entire "old" world that I had known as my reality began to disintegrate. 

This was a process that lasted approx. ten years, and after ten years I began what I call my conscious awakening, where I began to understand that everything that had happened in the last ten years of my life had a meaning. That my old life was meant to fall apart to make room for something new.

So from 2002 to 2015 I went through a conscious awakening where I through an inner process of letting go of everything that I was not, all "programming" of the mind, letting go of belief systems that no longer served me. Let go of emotions that were just the "play" of the mind. 

All this is just part of the "game" in duality. The game to be able to experience ourselves as separate from the divine within ourselves. 

Through this process I gained an understanding that it is possible to achieve a closeness to the divine even while I am here on Earth in a physical body, and that integrating this can change a lot.