By awakening and taking yourself out of the game ... a game, a reality that puts humans in a prison they can only escape from if they become aware of this.

... but also regarding the relationship with other people, becoming aware of how reducing the activity of the mind and thus stepping out of fear and finding peace within ourselves can make us gain a better understanding of how we can achieve a deeper mutual understanding.

Since I speak Norwegian in the video, I initially did not intend to post it here on this blog, but then I realized that it is not really so much about the words I say, but that the energy is much more important.

"Home at Last"


"Home at Last" came out of my hand in late summer/fall (2023). I didn't really know what to paint, I just knew I was going to paint "something"...! So I just started, and when I was almost done I saw what it had become. A ship... so tired, so tired after a long journey, and I realized that I had actually painted myself....

As I do in the first blog post of the year, and maybe someone even think that; how can she be so rude to claim such a thing. It is outright blasphemy, some might also say. Because they may have learned that God is someone who sits up in heaven and judges everyone to either heaven or hell.

I'm trying my hand at this title ... Beyond Realization... because I don't know what else to call what's happening now.

When I was about to start preparing for my trip to Romania this summer, I felt that this time I wasn't going to take a plane, I was going to take a train. And I felt like there was a very special reason for that.

We all have it in us... this virus ... This "energy virus", but we don't know about it, and we're so used to it that it's become part of our personality, our way of being, our way of living.

Please note that I am writing Magdalenes and not Magdalena. Magdalenes was not a person, but an Order... So they were many and they were both men and women.