"Wake Up"

means taking full responsibility for your own life.

Taking full responsibility for your own life,

means no longer place the blame on

something outside yourself,

but know that You are the Creator.

A New World is Created! 

Twelve Signs of Spiritual Awakening

In the last three decades in particular, a change has begun to take place here on Earth, a change that is now beginning to appear more and more in the outer world.

The changes that occur will cause everything that cannot exist in a higher vibration to break down and disappear. This will be everything from systems that are built up with limited thoughts such as greed, power over others and fear, to the thoughts and beliefs of the individual person. In fact, it is primarily this change that takes place in each individual person, which creates this entire change that is now about to happen.

The world is raising its vibrations. And when I say the world, I mean all parts of this world, everything from the planet itself, and all life on the planet. The mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, humanity... everything, and the change is even happening outside planet Earth.

The change also leads to the creation of a new human being, and this happens while we are in our physical bodies. So, we don't have to die and then be born again, we can choose to go through this process while we are in our body.

This whole change is happening because people's thoughts and beliefs are now in the process of changing from being ruled by fear and feeling that they are a "victim" of the outside world, to becoming a person who is more and more "aware" itself and what it really is.

The complete conversion, (if one chooses to do so), will lead to a connection between the human part and the Divine part, where the human part of ourselves fully surrenders to our Soul part.

We then become a Divine human being.

This will be a completely new way of living and will lead to a new world on all levels of consciousness.

Letter to Awakening Humans

"you are God also!"
"you are God also!"

Sit and listen to yourselves!
Instead of having this barrier between you and your true self... sit and listen. And in that precious moment when the mind is not trying to structure things and create expectations and goals, in that moment man and Soul become one.