The Voice of My Soul

Being Completely without Expectations!

To be totally without expectations is to be in the Moment... in the Now. I see from where I "stand" that I cannot be in the Now... in the Moment if I have expectations.

So if I want something and have expectations of how it will turn out, I limit the experience of what it can really be and not only that, but I am also not present in the Moment... present in the Now.

There is a True Freedom in Being completely without Expectations.

The mind will always have expectations... it loves expectations.

So if you are to let go of expectations, it means that you go out of the mind... go out of the mind spin... and just Be.

Then I am Present in MySelf.


Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is loving yourself.
Through vulnerability you come into contact with your own strength.

How do you open up your heart to vulnerability? I know you have talked about choice and the freedom to choose, and this with free will.
How should someone who has difficulty understanding this concept move forward?

Realize that if you have difficulty understanding the concept of choice, it is because you are caught up in this condemnation, and that is where you want to be.

Realize what vulnerability is. For you right now, vulnerability is something you fear. It's something that will open you up to the possibility of getting wounded. But really, vulnerability is your strength.If you are truly vulnerable, then you are willing to choose freely without fear. And it's powerful. So powerful that it will change societies, it will change governments, it will move the world in a different direction.
If each and every human chose based on their own vulnerability, then they would recognize their power and the world would not be the same right now.

For you, we want to encourage you to recognize that it is your own power that you are looking for, and understand that if you see yourself as vulnerable, open... just open, then you will recognize the strength that is there.

No one, absolutely no one can do anything to you, unless you choose to allow it to happen. Think about that for a moment. No one, absolutely no one can do anything to you without your permission. If you realize your strength through your own vulnerability, then nothing can hurt you.

The more open you are with yourself, the more open you will be with those around you. The more honest you are with yourself, the more honest you will be with those around you.

If you honor yourself, you will honor all those around you, and in doing so, you will own your own strength.

from one Soul to another.

The Meaning of the Meaningless

What a ridiculous and "meaningless" thing some might say. But in its ridiculous design, it has an important meaning. It keeps my head and ears warm.

Where does the "meaning" actually come from, or where does this come from that everything must have a meaning and why have we always been taught that the meaningless is yes... meaningless. That it is a waste of time.

I have for years... yes many, many years loved to lie in bed when I wake up in the morning and just let myself drift. Don't think, but just let me drift, and some... well maybe most would probably have said that this is meaningless.

This morning was a little out of the usual.

The night before I had watched a youtube video about "Why you should make useless things", where a woman had a show where she talked about and showed off a number of inventions she had made that were actually both pointless and useless but fun . And at the end it emerged that it wasn't so pointless after all because she had created this show based on these things.

So as I lay drifting in and out of "the meaningless" this morning, these words came:

You are the most important in your life

You couldn't even exist without You and Your Self.

I kept drifting in and out of consciousness and gradually more variations of this sentence came and I eventually had to start writing down what came so that I would remember.

Gradually I became aware of an understanding that what I was doing now was important and that I should completely let go of what should be allowed to come through. And eventually came this understanding of this with the "meaningless".

That the meaningless is certainly not meaningless at all, but on the contrary is very important. I gradually saw that allowing myself to be in this apparently "meaningless" state can be an opening into my own creativity and I got a feeling that this creative state is a big part of who I "really" am.

So what we have been taught to do by being told that everything should have a "meaning" is to close off true creativity which is a natural part of who we ARE, and which can be found back to if we dare to let go the mind's need to have a meaning to everything.

Fear and Anxiety

What we are afraid to "see" inside ourselves, what we are afraid to admit inside ourselves creates fear and anxiety. This is not always so easy to see because the mind is a master at hiding this and disguising it as something other than what it really is, and thus we live in the belief that this fear and anxiety is a necessary part of life, but it doesn't have to be that way.

When we live in fear we put on "masks" to try to hide this fear, we try to be something other than ourselves. We think that showing ourselves makes us weak. And it's not primarily about showing ourselves to others on the outside, it's primarily about daring to show ourselves to ourselves.

The truth is that when we dare to face the fear inside ourselves, we will come closer to ourselves, who we really are. When we dare to be the authentically true in ourselves, we become what we really are, and the reality on the outside will also change. This is some of the "Magic" we will experience. That we really are the creator of our own reality.