The Tree of Wisdom

An "anchor" can be so many things. We have the outer anchor, the anchor that is constantly changing, that is not solid and that can make us feel insecure. And then we have the inner anchor, that which never moves and is solid as a mountain. Which we can always count on to be there no matter what.

Being in the Moment

means to Be Completely Without Expectations

of any kind

only Be Present Here and Now.

On my way to Enlightenment!

On my path to awakening and enlightenment, I discovered early on how using "conscious breathing" could help me to be present in my physical body when I experienced challenges that often overwhelm us and that the mind would like to find a solution to as soon as possible, so that we don't have to be present in the experience. The truth is that we must be present in the experience, we do not need to try to find a solution, the solution will come when it is ready for it to come. Our task is to be fully present with all of us... body, mind and spirit, and then "conscious breathing" is important to be able to be fully "present".

Observe, accept and then allow the change/transformation to happen.

Observe and have total Acceptance for ourselves. Total Acceptance is Loving Yourself. Observing and Accepting is the only thing that needs to be "done". The rest goes by itself. The change itself happens by itself.

There didn't exist any Guilt

I think of this African boy who is getting ready to go out hunting, but before he goes, he contacts the herd for he want to hear where they are and he gets in touch with them. And he is also told which of these animals want to serve him, in other words, which of these animals he can kill and bring home. He goes out, he finds the flock and he kills the animal that want to serve him, and takes it home to give food for his family and he takes no more than he needs.

He is so in contact with HimSelf and with Nature that he can do it this way. 


Shaumbra Magazine August 2018

an article I wrote for Crimson Circle magazine.

There didn't exist any Guilt

Don't let you be fooled!

Don't let anger fool you... don't let yourself be fooled into blaming someone/something on the outside. Sit with anger and let it be there. Allow it to be present in the body, feel it in the body and say thank you for that opportunity... the gift that you get to receive this energy, because this is only energy and nothing else. Stop defining it as something bad, but just leave it exactly as it is, because that's when you can discover something completely new. Don't let anger or any other emotion for that matter "rule" you and your life. Don't let the great opportunities pass you by by being fooled.

You will be confronted with many opportunities to consider many things and "file" them under the point "Bad". But when you judge and label them, you will not experience or feel the new realities. Always remember that this is a free will zone and that there is a Divine plan that is going to be the last plan, the last card played. You should all remember that this last card is going to be an ace.

The nature of this drama is very interesting. Whenever there is a change of frequency in an existing system, there is a certain magnetism that moves out from that system. This energy draws all energies that have ever been involved with that system back into the system so that they can become part of the development process. You draw to you all that you have experienced so that you can feel all that you need to feel.

From Bringers of the Dawn, Teachings from the Pleiadians