A Moment by the Tree!


Today I felt like taking a trip to the tree I sometimes used to sit by. It's been a while since the last time, actually quite a long time ago, but today I could feel it calling on me. So I took my bike and rode to where the tree is. I have always felt a special attraction to this tree.

I also brought my mobile phone, which I actually very rarely do when I go for a walk. And I felt like taking a picture of the tree, and as I take the picture I see it... this big wing that seems to be coming out of the crown of the tree. A really beautiful wing and I feel like I was supposed to see it, that it was for me.

I sat down with my back against the tree and made contact with it, asking if it could help me dissolve the tightness I felt in my body after all the energy that I felt going through my body yesterday, because yesterday was a day with a lot energy. And I felt the contact with the tree and that it was good to sit there. It was very windy and I asked that I would not freeze while sitting there, but that my body would remain warm so that I could sit for a while. I really felt the need for it, and I sat like that for a while and eventually felt very relaxed in my body.

When I got home and a little later sat with a cup of coffee, I could suddenly feel the tree again and I realized that I could contact the tree whenever I wanted and in a way pick up this good feeling and contact with the tree, and get help even though I didn't have the opportunity to be there physically.

A beautiful discovery and a beautiful day. I feel so blessed.