A True Story about the Ocean!


This is an experience I had at the very beginning of my "conscious awakening".

This was at the beginning of 2003, and I was on a spiritual course. I didn't really know why I was there, in other words... my mind didn't know why I was really there for, but of course, my Soul knew, but at that time I had no conscious contact with my Soul.

Looking back, I know that I connected with my Soul many times, but I pushed it away as fantasy, if I even thought about it. It was probably more that I experienced it and never questioned it. I did`t stop and ask myself what it was that I had experienced.

So you could say that I participated to this course with completely blank sheet, and I have realized in hindsight that it was a good thing... actually a very good thing.

Because this experience I`m going to tell about here, happened while I was completely "blank", in other words, the mind was not involved. This experience was completely unexpected for my mind, and my mind was not allowed to set up any kind of defense. So that's why I was able to have this absolutely wonderful experience with the Ocean...!

I would say that it was an intimate experience with the Ocean, a completely unique and personal experience that simply has to be experienced to be able to understand it at all!

As I said... I was on this course, and a cabin had been rented for us by the sea. And I think this was also the first time I really got in touch with some of the really hurt aspects of me. And it felt really bad. And I felt scared, and I felt like I couldn't talk about this to others on the course.

And I felt left out.

So I went on little trips by myself, and it was on such a trip that I had this experience with the sea...with the Ocean...!

I remember going for a walk and coming to a boathouse. There I sat down and just sat. I just sat and felt the feelings without thinking... just sat in myself. I had no idea what to do… I mean, I had no idea that I only needed to do exactly what I was doing right then… namely just sitting and being present in myself, and that that was the only thing I actually needed to do. That I didn't have to find any solutions to my feelings.

After all, I was completely "blank"…!

I really had no idea what I was doing…!

So there I sat, "in myself", but at some point I became aware of the sound of the Ocean, and I began to follow the sound of the waves that came towards me and then left me, because I sat with my eyes closed and was completely relaxed in the body, and just followed this sound of the waves without a thought in the head. I also didn't think about what I was doing... that I had actually gone "beyond" the mind, which I didn't understand at that time... that it was possible to go beyond the mind…!

And suddenly as I sat like that, I could feel the Ocean inside my own body, and that it picked up all the heavy feelings and took them on its trip out of my body. And it came back in and took more and brought it out, and I just sat in the experience, and I felt overwhelmed that this was possible, because I knew that it was real… that what I experienced right there was true …!

I sat like that until the experience slipped out of my body and I felt an inner peace, and I knew that the Ocean helped me to clean out all the bad things I had felt.

Today I know that we have senses that we have not had contact with for a long, long time, if ever at all, and that it is possible to open up to these, and that these can give a fullness to life itself.

Give a whole new meaning to life.