"Beyond the Physics!"


For a long time..., indeed, for many years, I have not been able to give an answer to those who have asked me what I actually do. The answer has often been; "me..., njaa, ... I'm doing "my things", you know"..., and that, without any further explanation, because I couldn't explain what I'm doing with just a few words.

But now, I have got myself a peg to hang it on, and the peg is called "metaphysics". And my mind is super satisfied, because it's such an advanced word, that unless the person asking is very interested, there won't be any more questions, and not least, what I'm doing is lifted up to the level where it actually belongs ..., simply because it is the "essential" of all creation.

And not least... I no longer have to be ashamed of what I'm doing...! No..., no..., no,...!! Wait a minute...! I have to stop here a bit! Here I have to turn it around!

So... now ... let me see...!

My ability to explain what I'm doing, has come after I've managed to let go of all shame and guilt! I have set myself free from shame and guilt ...! I have simply let go of something that has limited me! And when I have let go of this limitation, it has again led my consciousness..., or rather, my "I Am", has been allowed to come forward more, which in turn has meant that I have expanded my consciousness for a greater understanding, and with it, also the opportunity to be able to put into words what I am doing! I have created in the "non-physical" before it could manifest into the physical in the form of words.

In this way..., I have created the last 20 years, which has led to major changes in my life! I have created changes in my life by being willing to "look", and being willing to "let go" of what has kept me in a limited state!

Metaphysics is not a new word, but rather an old word. I just didn't know about the word until now in the last few years. Yes,... and then it took a while before I looked up the word and read the real meaning of the word.

The word "metaphysics" means beyond the physical. Metaphysics is what comes before the physical... i.e. what we don't see. And the strange thing..., which isn't really strange at all..., is that it is what we don't see, that is actually real..., that is the real thing, and that is where everything is created, before it enters the physical.

In a way, it feels good to have received this peg. Not for my own part, because I know what I'm doing, but just to be able to have an answer for those who wonder. Although, I am aware that my answer may not give the asker so many answers. But the mind is strange..., it can also settle down with an answer it doesn't really understand.

Anyway ..., now and then, a peg is good!