"I am going NEW ...!"


Now this summer I have had many opportunities to see pictures of myself, and what has struck me is that I see my father... I look like my ancestors, and I don't like it...!

And it's like I don't recognize the energies of myself, and I think: "This isn't me, this doesn't feel like me at all...!"

When I look at these pictures, it feels like something very old... like expired shoes...!

And speaking of shoes... I actually found some incredibly beautiful new shoes in Budapest this summer and I felt that: "This is me...!" It felt as if they were a part of me, and that is how I want it to be in the future, I want to "feel" that it is ME, in everything I do and what I Am...! I want to FEEL ME...!

And I could retire my old shoes, which had now started to hurt my feet.

"I'm going NEW...!"

I have felt it for a while now and this feeling has become stronger and stronger with each passing day and week…!


But back to these pictures…!

In fact,... the day after I came home from my summer trip, a trip where I had especially many opportunities to see myself in pictures, I was babysitting my little granddaughter, and after she had fallen asleep, I started playing with my mobile camera.
And the coincidences should have it like this... if there is something that is a coincidence ... I don't think so ... but I was sitting withe a large window behind me and suddenly I discovered something new, that I didn't know about. And it was that when you get a lot of light behind, you can take pictures in a completely different way.

So I took some pictures, and to my great surprise, I felt that this really "felt" like me...! Simply, because I didn't see myself properly, but rather had to "feel" into the picture, and this "felt" like who I feel like...!

Then suddenly I had a picture of myself that actually felt like myself…!


The whole existence is changing - moving towards NEW...!

Meta Changes - Physics of the New Light - YouTube