“Into the Silence”


Last night I had a dream. I was inside my house and I had several people around me, including my daughter who was a child again.

Suddenly I looked out the window in the living room and down towards the sea, and I saw a huge wave coming towards the house and I thought; "this is not going to go well" ... and then the wave hit us and the house!

When it became quiet I saw that the house had no damage and neither had we who were in the house injured. But the house had moved several tens of meters, and when I woke up I immediately understood that I had moved myself to a new place.

I have just been outside and sat in one of my favorite places and just "been" present in myself... in the silence, and yes, I really felt that I have moved myself to a new place... a new place inside myself . And I could really feel a much closer and stronger connection with Gaia... with planet Earth.

It is an absolutely incredible feeling to sit like this in silence and just "be". It is then that you really begin to gain a greater understanding of what life really is ... or ... can also be. But you have to go beyond the 3D perspective, and then, you MUST enter the silence.

It cannot be found in the outer world!

I am currently reading the book: The Gaia Effect: The Remarkable Cooperative System Between Gaia and Humanity, written by Monika Muranyi.
She has taken much of Kryon's channelings and gathered them together so that much of the information that Kryon has provided since 1989 until 2012 has become very clear.

I have known, and I have felt the connection with Gaia ... with the Earth, but when I read this book I now get a much deeper understanding of how important we human is, and how important the connection with Gaia, the Earth is for us humans .

I am completely overwhelmed by reading this, and now I understand much better what I have felt for quite a long time, and how important what I feel is. How important it is to become aware of it, and then consciously have this contact. Expanding the connection ... and simply allowing it to expand even more. And I'm beginning to feel how I'm somehow a part of this planet.

That's almost I can feel that "I Am the planet"!