No… I'm not going crazy!


Now I have experienced it again, and now I think it is time to write a little about this phenomenon that I experience from time to time.

The first period with these experiences was in 2012. Then I had a long period where I had quite a few strange experiences.

And here I simply have to come up with some examples.

For example, I experienced being at work, and I knew where I was, but suddenly I didn't know which way to go to get out.

I could be at home and on my way to the bathroom, and suddenly I didn't know which door led to the bathroom.

The most extreme was when I was driving my car and didn't know which way to take at an intersection, and precisely in these situations I have to admit that I got a little stressed. I just had to decide quickly, and then just turn in one direction, and strangely enough, it was always the right direction.

I could be in a shopping center or in a store and suddenly not know where in the store I was.

And many other such experiences.

These moments didn't last very long, maybe a minute at the most and usually only a few seconds.

In 2012, I experienced this over a long period and almost daily. At first it felt very strange, but I was never afraid that there was something wrong with me. I knew this was also part of the development I was going through. Expansion of consciousness and all changes that occurred throughout my system.

After a long period of these experiences in 2012, they disappeared and came back only rarely and then only once or twice and then were gone for a long time.

I didn't think much at the time in 2012 what this was, other than that I understood that something happened in connection with the brain. I also experienced during this period that it felt as if something physically turned in my head. I then used to think about it somewhat humorously, and used to say that my brain was doing rearranging.

After all, I knew that there would be a change in the brain so that the right and left hemispheres of the brain would come together. And previously I thought this had to happen physically, which I didn't quite understand could be possible. But now I have gained an understanding that this does not have to happen physically, but that this can happen energetically. Ultimately, everything is energy.

After gaining the understanding that we can open up the fontanelles energetically, I suddenly understood that of course... then the right and left hemispheres of the brain can also come together energetically.

Now, I may be wrong, and that the right and left hemispheres of the brain can also come together physically, but it doesn't really matter. Energetically, this can happen anyway.

So no... I'm not going crazy... but I've always known that ;) And should this happen to you, just know that you're not going crazy either. This is part of a completely natural human development.

It is important to remember that in this development of becoming a "new" humanbing, we all experience this very differently. What is important is to trust one's own experiences.

Because what you experience does not have to be something another person experiences.

But trust fully and firmly in your experiences and know that we can now move beyond all limitations.