“the Eye of the Storm”


Last night I woke up and felt that I had a power within me. Something that it's time to start expressing, and I was wondering how to express this, and I got a feeling that this is being expressed in the moment. This was nothing I could know in advance how or when or what would be expressed. This is something that will be in every moment. And it will not come from the head, it will come from ME... the true Me. From the Soul... from my Divine part. And I just need to be Me.

In the autumn of 2014, I had a very special experience, where I felt that I had left everything of duality... I was completely out of the mass consciousness. So, I was totally free, but I was still in my physical body. In that moment I went for a walk by the sea, and the experience lasted maybe 15 minutes or so.

It was a wonderful experience of total freedom, and I felt in a way that I was both "Everything and Nothing" at the same time. And I felt that nobody/nothing could feed on my energy, nor was it possible for me to feed on anything/someone's energy. It was not possible in this condition to feed on anything, and there was no need for that either.

I reflected on this experience for a long time afterwards, because in this "state" it was just a total "being" with no thoughts of anything, but still I was Me... and perhaps more ME than I have ever been on this planet ever .

After this experience, which was a number of years ago, I wondered if I would be able to stay on Earth in such a state, and I have gradually come to understand that if I had stayed in that state in 2014, I would "passed over" quite quickly. And I have now understood that all those years from when this happened until now, have been a preparation for being able to stay on Earth and at the same time be fully and completely who I "can become"... namely, my Divine Self... or "daughter of God" if you will. It can have so many names. I myself don't really like using the word God because it has been misused by churches and religions and thus misunderstood by people. So I like to use the word "The Source", because it is the same. You can basically call it what you want, what you feel is most right for you.

This of truly becoming one's "Divine Self", is also called by some, "the second awakening". In a way, I see it this way... that after the "first awakening" one becomes able to stand firmly inside the "Eye of the Storm", but during the "second awakening", one BECOME the "Eye of the Storm", and exactly here lies the really, really big shift. And I feel that this is exactly what I got a small experience of that autumn day in 2014. I got to experience what was possible if I chose to stay on Earth.

And this is not only possible for me, but is now possible for every single person on Earth.